WordPress first experience

It’s about 24 hours since I started my trip with WordPress. So far, I found it very user friendly and everything was easy to configure. Congratulations to developers of 3rd party features – you are great!


My idea was to create multilingual website – I wanted to use WPGlobus but finally I decided to give a try to Polylang. So far it works fluently and setting was pretty ease too. However I will leave here one tip just in case someone have the same issue – actually it was my mistake. I decided to use English and Polish language. I thought that both of them will have different URL slug but what I saw is that one was like mydomain.com (default) and second mydomain.com/lang/. And that works for me but I didn’t know how to determine which language will have shorter URL. So the answer was obvious – just set one of language as default and I got it. Now English is default and works as palczewski.net and Polish is second and URL looks like palczewski.net/pl/. Great! I am writing about it because I must have done something wrong on the beginning and I though I can’t change it.


Next I have installed Yoast SEO – I didn’t know what to expect. It looks like it is another great choice. It’s a powerful tool to take care of your content SEO. It checks aspects I won’t suspect are important. Let’s see results in next weeks 🙂

For me WordPress is great so far and I cross my fingers so it will be that way in future!

So I have moved to WordPress

Many years after starting any internet activity I decided to try working with WordPress. Just on the begining that CMS asked me to try Gutenberg text editor. Let’s see how it works.

Inserting image next to text was super easy and yes – this is me couple yers ago in a lab. Joanna did a perftect portrait.

Joomla to WordPress

What I had to do is to fix old databases, struggle with missing Joomla templates and use nice working Widget called FG Joomla to WordPress