Bye, bye Cincinnati Children’s!

So it looks like I am about to finish my observership at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. That was undoubtedly very important time for my surgical training and probably for my future research field. The motto of CCHMC is “Change the outcome” and in my opinion they really put a lot of effort to fulfill that. Great thanks to dr Jose Peiro and all team members – for being so open and sharing your knowledge with me! I also wanted to thank to my boss, prof. Dariusz Patkowski who inspired me and force me to take this chance and once again thanks to Fundacja Uniwersytetu Medycznego we Wrocławiu which made it possible!

Cincinnati Children’s 2016

Kilka dni temu rozpocząłem kolejny, bardzo ważny dla mnie wyjazd – gdzie? Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, a dokładniej w Fetal Center. Miesiące przygotowań, tych formalnych i logistycznych i udało się. Przy tej pierwszej nadarzającej się okazji bardzo chciałbym podziękować Fundacji Uniwersytetu Medycznego we Wrocławiu, bez której wsparcia staż byłby prawdopodobnie niemożliwym do osiągnięcia wyzwaniem. Poniżej zdjęcie przed częścią naukową szpitala.

Unilateral lung hypoplasia – my new article

I am glad to present my new paper entiteled Unilateral lung hypoplasia in a remnant pleural cavity identified via thorascopic approach – diagnostic difficulties published in Journal.

Here is a part of abstract: […] A 2-month old male infant was admitted to the Pediatric Surgery Clinic with suspicion of a rightsided congenital diaphragmatic hernia. After imaging was obtained, a decision was made to perform thoracoscopy. Intraoperatively, hypoplastic pulmonary tissue was diagnosed within a residual pleura
cavity. […]

Studying time passing away

I have fresh membories, when it was 2006 and I was starting my medical school at Silesian Medical University (Slaski Uniwersytet Medyczny) in Zabrze. After very hard first year and moving to Wroclaw I though that finishing this whole course will be impossible but now … it looks like it’s possible 🙂 Sometimes I am wondering if I would have chosen medicine once again and I don’t know the answer. From one side (where I am right now) it’s great to feel this school is ending and I am very happy to be a physician but from the other hand I will not forget how many stresses I had and how many times I was asking myself “why?”. Maybe this was because I am not born to learn but I am sure it was right path – now I can combine many things which are my interests and earn money. I hope and wish everyone to work in the field which you really like and “feel”.

Could you live without brain?

We heard many about function replacing of brain parts by other but could anyone live without brain or whole part? As far as I live and study answer was “no”, but today I found a case about 3 yo Chase Britton. He was born without cerebellum and pons. He is walking, smiling and many more. Two years ago my friend introduced me on case where girl had only little part of cortex and huge ventricles pushing this cortex abroad. But this case seems to be different. How could you stand without cerebellum? How could you breathe without bridge?

Here you can find more about young boy:

And here is an image of brain which I mentioned: