iPhone 5 photos

How do you imagine iPhone 5?

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iPhone 5 release date

When we will have new iPhone 5?

This questions is asked by many apple fans! Even though you could find many discussions and articles, I guess Apple will make a surprise for us as it was i.e. with 4S.

If you really need to follow newest rumors, I suggest you to visit couple of sites above:

I have a feeling that iphone 5 will be released in october 2012 🙂


Today I have updated my website. Big thanks to OStraining.com for theirs tutorials which helped me a lot. Actually updates are slightly noticeable but page will work more safely and faster I guess.

Could you live without brain?

We heard many about function replacing of brain parts by other but could anyone live without brain or whole part? As far as I live and study answer was “no”, but today I found a case about 3 yo Chase Britton. He was born without cerebellum and pons. He is walking, smiling and many more. Two years ago my friend introduced me on przypadkimedyczne.pl case where girl had only little part of cortex and huge ventricles pushing this cortex abroad. But this case seems to be different. How could you stand without cerebellum? How could you breathe without bridge?

Here you can find more about young boy: http://www.aolnews.com/2011/02/12/chase-britton-boy-without-a-cerebellum-baffles-doctors/

And here is an image of brain which I mentioned: http://przypadkimedyczne.pl/showArticle/135-utrata-przytomnosci-i-zanik-mozgu


How to create PDF?

There is very easy way to create your own PDF document. How to make it?

1. Create your document in Microsoft Office program (i.e. Microsoft Word 2007)
2. Click this color button in left upper corner.
3. Click “Save as”
4. Click “PDF or XPS”

… and that’s it! You can either try with free pdf converters which you will find on google, but this is probably the easiest way if you use office.
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