After Bin Laden ‘s death reaction.

Few days ago USA President informed world about killing Osama Bin Laden. Everyone knows what is he responsible for and no one knows what more he did. I write this note from because I was a little bit confused about reaction of people. Maybe I am weird and don't feel...

About me.

Mateusz Palczewski Young medical doctor. Photography amateur, Executive Editor of journal, web projects developer ( group). Big fan of Queen band. Welcome on my website - feel free to browse and contact me.  

Egypt – from another point of view.

As long as I live, which is about 24 years, I haven't seen so many people crowded in one place pushing and forcing their's political will. In Cairo (capitol of Egypt), there was more than one milion people standing on a main square! It's strongly distressing that so many people... – update

In couple of days we are going to add some case-test on After experience with polish version ( we don't have doubts that most of us like to solve cases in test form. Wait for a note in couple of days - now I can tell that title of...

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