Visca el Barca!

So I must say I am highly disappointed after last Champions League game between Barca and Milan. For me it looks almost like referee got paid … all of referees? How is it possible that none of them saw touching ball with hand? I don’t know 🙂 Hopefully Barca will win in rematch

Slow down!

Just few minutes ago I found this excellent production on my friend’s facebook wall. Watch it and think again if you really need to drive so fast!

WhatsApp Messenger – free texts and MMS!

Hi there,

I would strongly recommend you to install WhatsApp Messenger on your mobile devices! This is free, multiplatform (android, iOS, symbian, windows, blackberry) application which allows you to text for free. It uses only your data transfer (free Wi-Fi or cellular data). This is much more than communicator like palringo, skype or gg because it works just like simple text messages – once you receive message you are notified and what is more you don’t have to keep it running!

The reason I write about it, is that I want more my friends to use it so I can text with them for free – install it and find me with my mobile number;) You can download it from AppStore, Android Market or look here:

Here you have couple of screenshots which I’ve just made on my phone:

Studying time passing away

I have fresh membories, when it was 2006 and I was starting my medical school at Silesian Medical University (Slaski Uniwersytet Medyczny) in Zabrze. After very hard first year and moving to Wroclaw I though that finishing this whole course will be impossible but now … it looks like it’s possible 🙂 Sometimes I am wondering if I would have chosen medicine once again and I don’t know the answer. From one side (where I am right now) it’s great to feel this school is ending and I am very happy to be a physician but from the other hand I will not forget how many stresses I had and how many times I was asking myself “why?”. Maybe this was because I am not born to learn but I am sure it was right path – now I can combine many things which are my interests and earn money. I hope and wish everyone to work in the field which you really like and “feel”.