Bohemian rhapsody premiere


It was 1991 and we were driving our old Dacia (Renault 12) on Boya-Zelenskiego street – my father and I. Freddie Mercury passed away. I was 4. But that’s not my first memory about Queen. Now I am 31 and we have just had Bohemian rhapsody movie premiere.

My first very vivid memory is when I was trying to learn singing We are the champions with my mother. None of us knew English that time, so „no time for losers” line sounded something like „loo cha po loo cha” 😉

That was very funny for a long time for us – especially when I found that exact words are totally different. At least we kept the melody … I think… I hope!

I admire Freddie Mercury and hope to meet him one day in heaven – he’s definitely there and so will I! He was chasing life on a stage, he was so expressive and giving himself to people totally! This is how it should look like. And what this „it” is? Many moments in our life! Hopefully.

Wrocław, 2012

His performances on a stage are the example of total devotion to what he was doing. Do you experience such moments very often? How do you feel then? This is the most beautiful time of life. But it’s more occasional than regular. However I wish you to feel it as often as possible!

BTW. have you already seen Bohemian rhapsody movie? I read on onet (polish news website) that there is a lot of criticism about it but… IMDB and filmweb give it more than 8/10 so far 🙂

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