Kubica’s comeback soon?

Last days are probably crucial about Kubica’s comeback to F1. In fact it was stated today that he won’t be Force India driver in 2019 but couple days before we had optimistic news.

Orlen – polish, national oil company – may provide even 40 mln złotych (about 10 mln $) to Williams Racing as a sponsor for 2019. It’s nothing sure but there is always a bit of true in any rumor – I hope! However this is sad that money is important in this sport but if this is so obvious here, let it happen and see Kubica again in F1 ASAP!

Orlen station in Poland
Orlen station (author: Wistula)

Couple weeks ago I read somewhere that Kubica, at the time when he had that car incident in 2011, had already have contract with Ferrari. I hope that nothing is lost and he will finally come back to go up and up!

All the best Robert!
Kubica’s comback will be very soon!

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