Studying time passing away

I have fresh membories, when it was 2006 and I was starting my medical school at Silesian Medical University (Slaski Uniwersytet Medyczny) in Zabrze. After very hard first year and moving to Wroclaw I though that finishing this whole course will be impossible but now … it looks like it’s possible 🙂 Sometimes I am wondering if I would have chosen medicine once again and I don’t know the answer. From one side (where I am right now) it’s great to feel this school is ending and I am very happy to be a physician but from the other hand I will not forget how many stresses I had and how many times I was asking myself “why?”. Maybe this was because I am not born to learn but I am sure it was right path – now I can combine many things which are my interests and earn money. I hope and wish everyone to work in the field which you really like and “feel”.

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